Planning Background

Open Call: International Competition for Conceptual Planning and Design of Jizhou High-speed Railway Station Area

Transportation is the driving force of urban development, which has a decisive influence on the flow of production factors and the development of urban systems. With rapid development of urbanization in China, high-speed railway has become one of the most important transportation for people to move around, and the bond that connects countless cities of different sizes. At the same time, with rapid urban development, high-speed railway is no longer simply a transportation – it is also a key engine for the development of a city. A transportation hub featuring high-speed railway has become a new model for urban development. High-speed railway network is now changing the city patterns in China with an unprecedented speed, which breaks the city boundaries and spatial distance and brings new models and opportunities for the future development of the cities. In this process, many cities are poised to rise.

Under this background, guided by the principle of “promoting reasonable development around high-speed railway station” and taking advantage of the favorable locations of Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan-Chengde area and the Development Axis, Tianjin’s Jizhou District decided to develop the surrounding area of Jizhou Station according to local conditions and high standards, striving to enhance the benign interaction and organic coordination between high-speed railway construction and urban development. To fulfill this purpose, the International Competition for Conceptual Planning and Design of Jizhou High-speed Railway Station Area (the Competition) is launched. The Competition is hosted by People's Government of Jizhou District, co-hosted by Jizhou District Planning Bureau and Tianjin Jizhou New Town Construction Investment Co., Ltd., and organized by CBC (China Building Centre) and the Urban Environmental Design (UED) Magazine. Focusing on the future development of both historical sites and new towns and seeking to address urban development issues with creative ideas, this competition looks for innovative urban development proposals that combine spatial layout planning with industry design. Through the power of design, culture, and art, it is aimed to conduct studies on the urban function, layout, functional distribution and spatial extension of this area.

Theme Interpretation

As one of the important urban micro-centers in the Capital Development Circle, Jizhou District is an important gathering area for the relocation of non-capital functions. The new area, which is developed upon the Jizhou Station transportation hub, will become an important node for Jizhou District’s integration into Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The Competition intends to take Jizhou station as a media to break down urban barriers, integrate urban development, and implement the five concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing in urban space. It will fully interpret the current conditions of Jizhou including ecological background, regional cultural characteristics, tourism resources, location and transportation advantages, and industrial resources, and study the status and role of Jizhou District in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration.

The submitted design proposal should take into accounts the characteristics of the project area and functions of the region, and define the development orientation, industry positioning and urban function of the project around its core function as a transportation hub. The design proposal should also promote city-industry integration in Jizhou District, and shape the urban space of Jizhou, promoting its coordination with the surrounding cities and making it an example for micro-center development in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

About Jizhou District and Jizhou High-speed Railway Station

Jizhou District is a municipal district under the jurisdiction of Tianjin. Located in the center of Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan-Chengde region and the Beijing-Tangshan-Qinhuangdao Development Axis, Jizhou District enjoys favorable geographical and ecological conditions along with a rich historical heritage where time-honored relics can be found all over the district, among which there is a thousand-year-old temple under national key protection called Dule Temple. Located in the south of Jizhou downtown, Jizhou Station is a medium-city railway comprehensive passenger transportation hub integrating high-speed railway, intercity railway, common railway and urban express railway. Upon completion, this station will quickly merge Jizhou District into the 0.5-hour Beijing-Tianjin commuter circle, 1-hour Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan-Chengde travel circle and 2-hour business travel circle. The long-term annual passenger traffic is expected to be about 10 million.


Host: People’s Government of Jizhou District
Co-host: Jizhou District Planning Bureau
Tianjin Jizhou Newtown Construction Investment Co.,Ltd
Organizer: CBC (China Building Center);
Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine
Technical Support Entity: Tianjin Urban Planning & Design Institute


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Bi Linqian +86 18511537509
Yang Hangzi +86 18600687335
For applicants from outside Chinese Mainland:
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